4-Part Video Guide for Knowing Your Soul Callings 

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Your Soul Magic: Video 1

In this short video, you will discover the true essence of your soul brilliance as you learn new ways to connect with your own unique and precious soul magic.

Soul Choices: Video 2

In this short video, you will learn a quick and easy way to make intuitive soul choices that support the awakening of your soul magic.

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Focused Soul: Video 3

In this short video, you will discover how your soul best thrives when it comes to learning new things about your innate soul magic.

Say Yes to Soul: Video 4

In this short 10-minute video, you discover how to align with your soul path and say YES to the calling of your Soul.

Full List of Soul Magic Academy Course Offerings:

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Private One-On-One Courses

Spontaneous Soul Retrieval that you can easily do for yourself and for others. LEARN MORE

Complete energetic support for a clear, easy, focused, and enjoyable soul path journey. LEARN MORE

Let go of fear as you learn to fall deep into the Heart of God within, where Grace, Light, Love, Power, and Soul unite as ONE. LEARN MORE

Discover your Soul Calling and create a clear plan for bringing it to life and sharing it with the world. LEARN MORE

6-session package includes deep healing plus self-healing techniques that you can use between sessions to support whole healing physically/behaviorally, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. LEARN MORE

12 sessions of one-on-one coaching includes channeled messages and empowerment activations to support your specific goals. LEARN MORE

Recorded Classes

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Quick and easy hands-on energy healing techniques that you can use for self-healing and for healing others. Includes the 4 secrets for not ever taking on other people's energies. Only $99. LEARN MORE

Explore the three core poisons that create all inner suffering. Learn how to identify when they are at play in yourself and in others and how to clear them! Only $247.


Discover and become activated to the 11 energetic keys to success with healing, manifesting, and co-creating. Includes a 17-minute daily practice to strengthen your energies of success--these techniques are for self-healing and for healing others. Only $297. LEARN MORE

Receive 3 Seashell Decks for Healing, Co-Creation, and Soul Empowerment. Includes 3 booklets and a series of recordings about Empowered Seashell Healing, as well as a private one-on-one session to fully activate you to the power of Seashell Healing. Only $297. 


This recorded class examines each Universal Law in depth and shines light on the secrets to moving beyond the realm of Karma into the realm of Miracles. Includes a 105 card deck. Only $297.


Online Group Classes

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Become an empowered co-creator with your Soul Angel and 7 Arch Angels as you open to become a clear channel for their messages, for yourself and for others.


Unlock the magical manifesting codes and patterns present within your quantum DNA and discover how to reprogram your energies to support your soul goals.


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