Your Inner Catfish

My partner Andre has a lovely aquarium full of fish. He feeds them twice a day and enjoys watching them chase after their food. He talks to them and checks regularly to make sure they are all healthy and happy.

Last summer, the big catfish disappeared. At first we though he might be hiding inside the artificial hollow rock structure. But he was not coming out to eat, not even when Andre tried to coax him out with shrimp pellets, his favorite food. There was no sign of him. After a few weeks without seeing him, Andre concluded that he had died and that the other fish had perhaps eaten him. And so Andre bought two new, smaller catfish to replace him as janitors of the bottom of the tank.

Then a couple of weeks ago (more than six months later!), the big catfish magically reappeared. He scuttled out like a lightning flash, grabbed some shrimp pellets, and retreated back into the rock structure. He had been there all the time, elusively lurking in the shadows, apparently only coming out to eat when no one was watching.

For me that catfish has come to represent lost interests, talents, and gifts that exist inside each of us all, hidden in the recesses of our hearts. 

  • Perhaps we have buried and forgotten the things that light us up inside. 
  • We may think they have died away. 
  • Or maybe we have replaced them with other energies that are less significant.

Do you have a big catfish that you have hidden away from yourself? A dream or goal that you think is dead? Open to the possibility of allowing it to resurface. Welcome it back into your life and begin feeding it its favorite food, a little bit each day, so that it may thrive out in the open for all to see.

Andre and I are very happy to see our big catfish. We wait with eager anticipation for him to appear each day and we celebrate his presence every time he shows himself. He is coming out more and more. And he seems happy.

I am holding space for you to rediscover your lost catfish. It is time for your hidden talents and gifts to come back out into the world and play!

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