Intuitive Development & Higher Knowing Made Easy!

The ability to be intuitive is a precious gift that EVERYONE can access. We all have the capacity within us to be deeply intuitive and to use our innate channeling gifts. The only pre-requisite is a desire to open up to what is already within you. You can learn to open up to: 

  • Directed Healing
  • Making Clear Choices
  • Inspired Communication Soul to Soul
  • Enhanced Creativity
  • Discovering Soul Guided Solutions
  • Serving the Highest Good of All
  • Holding Powerful Space to Support Others in Finding their Inner Truth.
  • Learning and Discovering in Dream Time.

But you may have forgotten how. Chances are that you are only using a tiny fraction of the intuitive gifts that are available to you--and you may not even be aware of when you are using it!

  • Your intuition is hit or miss--not at all reliable when you really need it.
  • You are clouded by doubt about your own intuitive and channeling abilities.
  • You mistake ego wishes for higher guidance and thus receive false information.
  • You depend on others for intuitive guidance instead of using your own innate abilities.
  • You rely on only one method for receiving information and so miss out on much of what is available to you.

In this training you will learn several different ways to access higher intuitive guidance. You will also receive healing and clearing to remove energetic locks and blocks to your higher knowing. These locks and blocks were set in place lifetimes ago (and may have been reinforced this lifetime through religious, family, or peer conditioning). They have served their purpose and are ready to be set free. Through a series of energetic processes and activations, we will lift away the barriers to your inner knowing and reawaken the consciously directed flow of universal wisdom to you and through you. 

You will receive a series of easy-to-use self-empowerment techniques that can also be used to help others gain clarity. These methods offer fast, easy ways to tap into the flow of:

  • Getting clear Yes/No answers that you can trust.
  • Receiving messages from your guides and angels.
  • Reading the Akashic Records.
  • Knowing the difference between what the soul truly wants and what the personality thinks it wants.
  • Trusting your basic gut instincts.
  • Clear heart knowing.
  • Developing your third-eye "clair" senses (psychic seeing, psychic hearing, psychic feeling, psychic knowing).
  • Clear channeling for bringing through healing energy as well as messages from beings from higher realms.
  • Accurate muscle testing / kinesiology.
  • Inspired divination and divinatory tools.
  • Sensing auras and knowing where to direct healing energies.

In this private nine-session intuitive exploration series, you will discover your intuitive strengths as you also build up the areas where you are currently weak. You will receive fun and easy ways to practice and apply the above skills to your daily way of being. Before you know it, your intuitive gifts will be so much a part of you that you will not be able to imagine life without them. Investment: Five monthly payments of $333 or save with one payment of $1440.

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