We all have the power to heal ourselves. 

We all have the power to discover our own solutions.

We can do so more quickly and more easily by working with

a well-trained healer and intuitive

who embodies key energies and wisdom that we have not yet learned. 

Healing, Soul Guidance, & Energy Empowerment Sessions


1-hr. sessions are offered by phone and by Skype or FaceTime. In a typical session, a wide variety of well-proven healing and energetic empowerment techniques are used to support your unique energies. I work with you and your Guides and Angels to bring new insights and solutions and to shift chosen energies in the fastest, easiest, and gentlest way:

  • To clear unwanted energies, behaviors, and dis-ease.
  • To strengthen energies that support well-being at all levels.
  • To restore your energetic templates to their original divine state of Grace, Light, Love, and Soul Empowerment.                     

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 We also work together in dream-time 

before and after your session 

for a faster, easier process.

The work begins as soon as you sign up . . . .  Ready to get started?