Emotional Healing

Emotions are a powerful and mysterious force. They embody a full spectrum of feelings from the deepest sorrow to the highest bliss, and everything in between.

Emotions have been a part of your life since you were born. And yet you may not have learned how to be with them in a healthy way. Instead  you may have resisted the emotions that society deemed inappropriate, allowing them to become trapped inside of you where they rise unexpectedly to the surface at the most inopportune times.

Instead of gracefully riding the wave of your emotions, you sometimes get pulled into their undertow and feel as though you are drowning in them.

Emotions can:

  • overwhelm you
  • be misdirected at people around you
  • take you by total surprise at the wrong time or in the wrong place
  • become blocked and inaccessible
  • become trapped in the tissues of your body where they can fuel pain and dis-ease

They can also:

  • Enhance your life with fullness and richness.
  • Deepen your relationships.
  • Strengthen your spiritual connection.
  • Lead you to joyful experiences that you may otherwise have missed.
  • Guide your success as you learn to find and follow your joy.
  • Support wise, heart-centered choices that bring happiness and success.

In this training you will learn:

  • an advanced emotional clearing technique that goes far deeper than tapping.
  • to identify your primary emotional responses.
  • to harmonize your emotional responses so as not to harm those around you.
  • to shift brain chemistry to support the flow of positive emotions.
  • to identify where emotions are trapped within your tissues.
  • to handle painful or negative emotions fully and efficiently as they arise.
  • to free trapped emotions so that you can make room for new, positive feelings that uplift you.

During this three-session training, you will receive important keys to mastering your emotional energies. Instead of denying them or pushing them aside, you will easily face and embrace them head-on.

You will discover self-love, the most important emotion of all. As you continue to practice the emotional healing techniques, you will learn to increase your ability to love yourself. You will experience new levels of sustained happiness and contentment so that you are soon able to handle all of your emotions with grace and with ease.

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