Align and Shine!

Are you frustrated with your current path and looking for new ways to consciously shine your light in the world?

When we do not fully align ourselves with what our soul most wants for us, we unknowingly live inauthentic lives that cause us to experience a myriad of struggles. We live by default, on misdirected auto-pilot, rather than being guided by conscious empowered choice.

We fail to realize that we are robbing ourselves of reaching our full potential. Instead we:

  • Feel lost in confusion about our purpose and our path.
  • Engage in relationships that drain us rather than support us.
  • Get stuck in our personal healing process to the point that we lose hope that our situation can significantly improve.
  • Feel disconnected from our intuition.
  • Forget our healing gifts that our soul longs to share with others.
  • Suffer intense frustration and dissatisfaction when we compare where we are to where we want to be.

The Align and Shine training creates a quantum shift within you, revealing new ways for you to recognize and share your unique soul talents and gifts.

As you explore your Eleven Spectrums of Being that are your soul's way of fully expressing itself in its most empowered way, you will identify from a soul level where your energies thrive within each of the eleven spectrums.

You will receive eleven energetic realignments, as well as energy activation empowerments to bring through new energies and new ways of brilliantly and joyfully shining your light, your talents, and your gifts.

You will discover how to appreciate yourself for who you are and will finally stop comparing yourself to others (an activity that only serves to feed frustration and struggle).

In this training you will learn to identify the important distinction between what your personality wants and what your soul wants. With this new-found awareness, coupled with knowledge of your spectrum energies, you will clearly identify and embrace soul choices related to your:

  • Soul-Guided Path
  • Relationships
  • Healing Work
  • Intuitive Gifts
  • Joyful Lifestyle

You will now:

  • Know and love yourself more clearly and more easily.
  • Identify and celebrate your individual talents and gifts.
  • Discover soul-level solutions to work-related issues.
  • Attract relationships that support your soul mission.
  • Accelerate targeted growth in eleven crucial aspects that relate to your healing journey.

In a series of four private sessions, you will discover your unique soul gifts. Together we will address specific questions you have about your soul journey so that these topics can be specifically considered in relation to your eleven soul spectrums.

You will come away with a deep understanding of yourself and others and will enjoy a new-found freedom to be yourself and appreciate yourself fully, deeply, and powerfully, for the rest of your life.

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